Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What are the plans for Raya?
I've got none seriously.
Was planning to head down KL and Genting,
with him after he drive down from Singapore,
but then I'm taking vegetarian, a lil troublesome,
so sorry aight? We'll go after that.
Might go for hotel stay I hope,
depends on how our plan goes.

Dads' birthday is in this coming weekend,
I'm still planning on it as I'm still on vege,
and ahhh!
I hope holiday don't pass so fast,
I'll certainly be missing it.

I know I've been spending money like there's no tomorrow,
and I should be saving up .
slowly, I'm then changing.

I miss those days with Chorleones,
Nelson ; Leon ; Jon ;
EVERYONE of them!

yes , no?

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