Tuesday, November 11, 2008

3 more days, and I'm all done!
I just can't wait till Friday, only one sub of Siviks.
& there goes my party time babe!

I've been dozing off late, like 3am & get up at 6.30am.
Was chatting with Calvin&JonGoh about some random stuff.
The oh-so-random, yeah, we know.
& Dominic Sin@my brother, I'm Daphne Sin.
I have a new name - Daphne Tan Chiu Sin or anything related.
3 surnames and that makes me a new name!

Moral , English 2 , MATHS , Chinese 1 , Siviks to go.
I just can't wait till it all ends!

Note to self:
no clubbing even it's holiday.
not to spend so much on anything else.
use my oh-so-last high school holiday wisely.
& I'm craving for more chocolates!

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