Monday, November 10, 2008

It's exam week, and I'm not exactly nerding myself up.
Perhaps, some party would be better for the weekend?

Days have been boring; as in lifeless me.

But then to study, I need something for my mouth!
this is all I've got for the night.
It's so yummy that I just couldn't stop tempting for more.
Grandma bought it from New Zealand tho.

And my weekend was somehow great.
Got over to Penang on Friday.
Saturday was normal ; random.
No Gurney-ing!
I stayed home till evening and prepared for BBQ.
Mom dropped me @Belissa Row then met ChiaEe and her mom.
And so, I bought Tiramisu from Bella Italia *slurps*
Fetched Eesa on the way then headed to Paul's place.
Our actual plan was to PIZZA@Bella Italia then party,
Thanks Paul, asked us to go early.

After all, Noel ; Victor ; Hazel were already there.
Paul's sisters Sara and Jane both there too.
We girls got bored so randomly when the guys are preparing.
and we walked to the beach behind Copthrone Orchid Hotel.
Pretty beach they have. *sorry no pictures*

The party was great so far,
Tett and Lavin came later on;
Dominic SIN and friends ,
and it was Dominic's birthday!
*Happy Birthday , Brother!*
I'mma Sin too! *lmao*

So, that's Paul .

Look at him!
Then, we had beer session.

That's Eesa!
ChiaEe went missing wit Tett. Love birds!

Got home around 11:3o,
squished in the car with Tett&Lavin ;
they bullied me okay!

Sunday. Got up around noon, dad fetched me back.
KW to look out for some pets , then Balik Pulau for laksa.
Dad had durians *PUKES*
Then we visited auntie Bonny@ her office , Pinang Village.
New housing area coming up soon @ Balik Pulau.
And then dad wanted to have Ice Kacang, so NWP was it.
I just randomly took some fruits and that's it.
Queensbay later on for shopping .
Bought myself clothes and so on...... bla bla bla
While waiting to be seated in Dragon-i , guess what,
I saw 3 SPM takers ; Nelson, YeeSum, TeongLuen.
How random to see them hanging around huh.

Picture of the day, nothing much.

4 more days to go & I'm gonna be fucking FREE!

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