Monday, November 3, 2008

A Saturday.
It started off with a great one,
followed by a ruined day.

Cut that oh-so-fucking-long story,
of some guy called Jackson@Jackass.
Some guy which I will never ever respect for life.
I respect each of friends and people,
just not this fucking asshole jackass.

Woke up late around 3 , got ready, Gurney it was.
Met up with my bitch, Kelly then MegaQ with some guys.
HawYang, Kenny, Mahek, Daniel and so on .
Winter Warmers for my Brunch+Dinner.
Chia Ee & Eesa came too! *love em*
Later on, there goes the stupid fuck drama.

A carton of this belongs to Paul .

This guy, Paul, wanna make us all laugh with his rectangular boobs.

me ; Chia Ee ; Eesa ; Kelly.

Walked around, MegaQ then nothing else more.
Eesa went back earlier then next was dinner with ChiaEe's mom.
@ Winter Warmers again, I only had a drink.
We actually talked too much and Paul was being bullied by us all.

After all of them left, got ready and Mois again.
Met plenty of friends, some drama happened again.
Because of that stupid fuck face,THANKS to that JACKASS.
cheeBYE! fucktard.
Besides Mois, I went to Fame & there was this checking going on.
Lucky me went there right after checking. thank god.
Left around 3 something for Ali.
with ZhiYang, Brandon, Alan, their 2 Thai friends, Kenny.
Then got home around 4 something, stayed till 7am.
Was talking much with Calvin, thats why.

I'm having complicated feelings.
At least, I get to see him yesterday.

I miss him.

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