Friday, December 12, 2008

Like after a week, I'm back from KL. Did shopping & nothing more.
Just a short post, I'm so in Christmas mood now people.
All set up in the malls, were really interesting & nice.
Off all, a RED Christmas would make a better one for me.

Mid Valley.

I never took any @ The Gardens while my cam was outta batt.

One Utama @ 1U.
They had a white Christmas.

Then, The Curve.

With all the cute ones.

Lastly, a RED Christmas that attracted me the MOST.
Sunway Pyramid

A red Christmas tree!

New wing of Sunway, not so nice one.

Ferris wheel.

There were many more, but I'm lazy to post it up.
For the mean time, there goes these, and more coming up.

I'm just so so so lazy each & everyday.

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