Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Saturday Gurney outing & dinner with the Family.

Headed over to Gurney @ 11.30am.
Was then alone, then Coffee Beans.
Later on, Edmond said he saw me from somewhere, so we talked.
I chilled there, they came back, intro-ed his friends to me.
Alvin, Andy, Fish.
Chit chatted there, then Paul came, continued the talk.
Mega Q later on, waited for Calvin & Marcus. *I miss Cal*
It was then almost 3pm till they're here, then we continued chilling.
Off to Sega Fredo after trying to distract that jackass away from us.
We talked alot alot there, after 2-3 months since Calvin left.

Pictures do the talking.

Paul's shade.

Calvin , Paul , Marcus , Daphne


Punch again

Cheese! ME

Came back @ 6pm for dinner with the Family.
Before the dinner @ 8, we went to the studio for family portrait.
Still waiting for the original one.

I was in Red.


After that, dinner @ Shelaiton , Auto City.
An earlier celebration for grandpa's birthday.

Me love him!


Main dish & the best was this.
Abalone , Sea cucumber , Fish moan (or smth i forgot)

Pork ribs.

Dinner was great, we enjoyed much.

Cupcakes I ordered for Grandpa's 71.
Just a plain and simple one.

Grandparents seems to be happy aight.

Me, Ayrtonsenna , Gerald.

Last picture in the car.

I had a very great day being with friends & family.
love em to the max, esp Calvin & Paul. They both made my day.
Edmond, Alvin, Andy, Fish too, came by all the way from Ipoh.

I love you.