Monday, February 9, 2009

7th of Feb which was a Saturday.

Didn't really planned to go out or so, but well, I just did.
Headed to Gurney around 12.30pm , collected my ring.
Chilled around then had my lunch @ Dome , until Marcus came.
Later on met Shan Yang @ Chilis then went to drink @ Sega.
Heineken was it, met Catarina there, then Joan came a lil while.
After that me & Marcus went for Pink Panther 2.
Coincidentally , everyone was like watching the same show.
Bryan&friends , Khang , Mahek & so on.
Then, we chilled around again, seeing that so called Jackass around.
That really made my day turned down as well. *ewwws*
Met up with Wei Shiang & Chin Hwei then played cards @ Sega.
Dinner was with them @ Chilis.
Lots of talks , thanks to that nonsense guy , Wei Shiang.
I left Gurney for home around 9, was so so so tired.
After I got home, bathed n changed, off to Old Town.
With dad & uncles, aunties, cousins.

I'm addicted to Pet Society nowadays, every single time I'm online.
I love my GeeCheeky in there, much loves.

My GeeCheeky with my ring.
*Thanks much, ily*

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