Monday, April 20, 2009

There goes the another weekend.
One more week to my big day,
I can't wait till it comes,
but still, nothing to shout about.

I randomly went out, passed mom her stuff , I went to pick up the car,
then dropped the car @ airport for dad, then the person fetched me to Gurney.
I shopped around, bought dress & tops from Dorothy Perkins.
Had my lunch @ Nandos while waiting for Guo Wei to come.
It's been months since I last met him, after his accident thingy.
He turned much thinner & FAIRER. goshhh.
We had much talks, updated each other about random stuffs,
later on, Yeong & NinJoe&his girl came to meet us up.
MegaQ was next, just to chill there, they snooker-ed.
Calvin , Melvin , Victor was around too.
Chilled @ Coffee Beans next with the gang, lots of rubbish talks.
Waited for ShanYang , Jack & Thye for SO LONG, like ages.
At last, the movie plan canceled, they went for dinner .
I went off with Calvin and all, but stayed @ MegaQ then Coffee Beans.
After they left, me and Sue talked & went walking around .
Then we met up with Liang Chieh & Ezra *hello*!
Dropped Sue at this Japanese Rest around Tanjung Tokong,
at the mean time, we chilled in there, had our green tea too.
* hello * to everyone there.

This was candid, by Sue. ahha

Liang Chieh was staring @ his Ebikos in the California Roll.

We left around 10-ish back to Gurney's Sega , then dad came to fetch me.

I love Saturdays like this, it was nice meeting new people around too.

Like finally my dad's back, so well, shopping day it was.
Headed over to Penang for lunch, then PISA for PC Fair.
God damn it, everyone's there, nothing is free but still, well.
I should not have went , packing like a sardine in the arena,
controlling my god damn breathe, letting people push from front and back,
it was WORSE than the CLUB on Saturday nights.
Ended up, I bought new set of speaker , new webcam , new external hard disc.
I bumped into Khang working there too, *hi*!
After buying everything, headed to Queens for groceries shopping.
Stocked up lots of junks, frozen foods, drinks and so on so on.
I was rather super tired, leg muscle cramped, body ached , oh nonsense.
For the whole entire day, at least, I wasn't bored. *thanks*

& for one month, THANKS . *you know who, you know what*

Lunch of the day.
Edamame beans. Yummm.

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