Friday, April 17, 2009

The picture day in school.
It feels like it was the last day of school.
I'm pretty sure I'm gonna miss those times.

First of all, it's sort of the sports period week,
I had an event , which was the 3km WALK, yes, it was rather fun.
I enjoyed walking around the field for 8 rounds,
imagined A/X ; LV ; Gucci ; Loewe ; Tiffany ALL IN FRONT OF ME.
HAHA that was just to chill la!
I sweated a lot, shirt was all wet, lucky I brought a spare tee.
And being sexposed under the so hot sun, I got a major headache.
We were so free today, had free periods and photo session for all Form 5's.

To make it short, there goes a part of the pictures.

The classmates.
We make fun in the class , oh, we have add maths session too!

The game gang as well, be it phones or pc.
Each day, they play Pokemon game on phone in the class.

Tan Yi Wei, best buddy in the class!
Much of noise + jokes when he's around,
even teachers miss him when he's not around.

I told you, he's active,that's why we're all hyper in class.

Guys nowadays, CANT live W/O a MIRROR.

Chin Kiat, friends for years, mmmHmmm, those days.
Now I realized, time flies too fast.

Stalked him & he was changing. HAHA
It's actually no big deal for guys changing in the class, we're used to it.

In that Games Steward vest thing.

Kee Shiung, real best friend, too bad we're not in the same class this year.
*ignore my face expression please* I did it in purpose.

In case you wonder how my school looks like, this is it.
Just A PART of the block. There's altogether 5 blocks.

The opposite block = All science labs.
The ground floor of it = Discipline room

Well, the school field, I only got 3/4 of the field pic.

*waves* to the both discipline teachers.
Mr Naga & Mr Lim.

4th floor of A block,
the weather was so pretty, blue sky, white clouds.

How retard it is , Kee Shiung.
That thing belongs to Chin Kiat , after his accident.

I knew them since Form 2, we eventually got close & yeah, we still are.

I sweated too much, turned out to be THIS.


Yes, classmates.

Jia Ern, friends since primary.

That's apart of my classmates.
Taken @ the Field under the hot and glaring sun.

The friends.

Mr. Hoo Boon Tat with US.
He's the best discipline teacher ever, unlike the SOMEONE.

Wei Jing & me.
He's actually shy, but yes, he's funny afterall with the cold jokes.

Hello to the world.

Darween the SOHAI & Jing Ting.
I usually bully Darween in the class, ITS SUPER FUN.

Yi Fun ! I miss the form 2 times, much of parties .

Look at their hands, so coincident , I never noticed until someone told me.

That's my corner in the class.

It's not like I give a fuck rite! haha

That belongs to me, no one else.
*Kelv, I'm not borrowing you to leave in your car again.*

Evelyn ! Best buddy in school.

I'll get more pictures to upload soon.
I guess that's all for now about the school pictures.
I love them all.
We party in the class everyday with foods,
we feast like no one else with different foods each day,
we even had Vodka in the class before the exam started.
They cheered me up whenever I got so down,
they adviced when I needed it.

Again, it growed again!!!
It actually got more obvious than before,
visible claws and stuffs, the eyes.
My friend wants it, so that he could DEEP FRIED.

Now, I feel so warm & sick.
It's not like I'm lack of anything in the life anymore.
Bring it on, and everything is working out good.

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