Saturday, May 2, 2009

The 29th.
It was Chun Kang's birthday, so well, was invited for dinner.

The Birthday Boy & his brother.

There were around 40+ of us @ the seafood dinner.

After that, we headed of to Pacific, for movie & to chill.
While waiting, the GUYS, mmmhmmm, football .

We then watched X-Men : Wolverine.
I headed home around 1.30am, got so tired after the whole day of outing.
I skipped school on that day, due to some reasons, for friend.

Later on, received a surprising much call from *youknowwhoyouare*
I was so blank on mind, the happiest start of the Birthday.
Now that I'm 17, that's old!

30th of April.
Skipped school, actually not, it was sports day.
I got up around noon, headed out to get my white skirt&trophy for event.
Rushed here and there, got home, prepared for the dinner.

Dinner @ Bella Italia.
Eesa, ChiaEe, Paul, Dominic, Nicole, Michelle, Sam.
Thanks for the presents!

This looks stupid, by Paul.

Paul the Epic Phail photographer.

All time biatch! ChiaEe&Eesa!

We were too high I guess. AHHA
Dom & Paul couldn't stop complaining bout us girls.

Meet Nicole & Sam!

The shy Michelle!


Sega was next, ChiaEe left early then Eesa left later on.
Paul that stupid was trying to burn thru pants to see if it burns the leg hair.

Hello gays!


Horny enough? yes, no?

End of the day.

HawYang & Bryton came a lil while before I left.
After the Sega, I headed home, then I went out AGAIN.
Chilled with Mr.Shane , Jia Hong , Hong Zhang and another girl.
Headed home around 4, I finally get to rest for good.

I enjoyed my Birthday this year,
didn't really like it big,
the casual dinner was super great enough.

everyone who wished!
On Facebook, MSN, SMS, calls.
Thanks for all the presents too.

Coming up next.

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