Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dogs as baits?

You people should watch that above.
Dogs are being used as baits for sharks.
This shows how irresponsible humans are,
how restless they could be,
how brainless to gain things w/o thinking wise.
Is this even a way to make things work?
Even I'm a dog phobia since long,
but I know how cute they are,
when they stare into your eyes,
I just don't have the guts to touch it, that's all.

What is wrong with the entire world?

I just got back from the hospital,
aunt got rob this morning when I was sleeping,
grandma woke me up then we went out to straight.
Lucky nothing huge happened towards her,
I guess more of these cases will come,
since the economy's down & everything's bad,
humans thinking are just, just, wrong.
fyi, it happened at Bandar Sunway,
where Sunway Carnival Mall is located @.
It's not the first time for this kinda cases there.

5 more days for the tough subjects.
Thank you Jayden for the everehthing!
& that super exciting ride in your baby.

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