Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Exam's officially here
It's 12.30am now,
I got so bored over studying,
so decided to blog a lil.
Haven't been attending school since last Wednesday.
Much fun,
I get to sleep till whatever time I like,
& the message comes around 11 each day,
waking me up & stuffs, *you know who!*

Got a random call from Shane & Huey in the afternoon.
Went out to New Town for drinks and talks.
At night? I rotted at home, studied a little.

Had Mcd for lunch around 3ish with Shane,
Huey & Jia Hong came by, there goes our nonsense again.
Later at night, 9 of us were supposed to be @ Sunset Bistro.
It RAINED when we reached Penang, like whatthefuck?
Since Sunset was full, then we headed to somewhere near UPR.
BBQ Cafe or something, they have real cheap beers there tho.
Not to forgot, I had my Burger for late dinner, again.
& we had ShiSha , it was only 15 bucks, dirt cheap!
I got home around 3ish, & OFF to bed.

likewhatthefuckagain, Mcd for lunch again, grandparents bought.
Then headed out with dad & brother for groceries.
This time, BM Jusco, it sucks a big time, I don't like it.
Bought Big Apples, it's been long, since I last had it.
Baskins for my HokeyPokey&Pralines n Cream
The groceries over in Jusco suck compared to Queens, *iknow*.
After buying only a certain stuffs, we headed to Tesco.
That's all, no more shopping for personal , cut down!

9 days of exam,
2 weeks of holiday,
too many things to do,
too little time to make it come true.

Aliens are still love! the chocolaty taste.

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