Monday, June 1, 2009

The weekend!

Friday was in Penang, Coffee Island then Net City.
LOL My first time over @ Net City playing poker & L4D.
Was with Guo Wei, Liang Chieh & Woei Min.
Sylvester & Ezra came by later on too.
We left around 11ish, then off to home, back to sleep.
I had a minor headache, and I thought it was random,
but then, i had fever after I got home, i wasn't well.

I stayed home , until night, no gurney no nothing.
Headed down to UPR with Guo Wei & Woei Min.
Met ShanYang and Jack @ Penang Bowl,
then later I went Sega to chill, while waiting for the rest.
I met Venice, like after months & months, *xoxo*!
Bumped into Benny, Alan, Edward & so on so on,
another bunch of friends which I used to clubbed with,
it's like half a year since I last went to the club.
I waited for the everyone for like hours over @ Mois,
chilled outside, many many familiar faces, *waves*.
@ around 12ish to 1ish, they finally touched down @ UPR,
decided to go Fame since Mois was packed .
Fame was bored, empty dancefloor they had there,
slippery due to the water after sexy dance competition.
It was actually Victor's belated birthday celebration,
people who attended were,
Calvin, Marcus,Melvin,Noel,Nicholas,
Sylvester,LiangChieh, Ezra, Ernest, Kenny, Jason,
HawYang, Paul, Bryton, Sue, Rachel & so on.
After the club, we got free bottles of beers, thanks people.
Ali was next, mamak session after club is a MUST! HAHA

Sunday the 31st!
Okay, dad called, dad fetched, & I gotta be home for dinner.
Before that, Baskin Robins was it, for ICE CREAM!
My voice turned the so-called frog by ws & marcus, ROAR!
I've got flu & sore throat & fever.

Guess what? Guess who's back!
Guess what did he got for me, again?
Pretty packing & bagging too! THANK YOU!

I'm sick & I had Thai Food & I had beer.
How great is that.
Thanks uncle for the lunch & dinner treat today.

Oh well, this is the skin/shell of the molted baby scorpions.
Pretty aint it! HAHA

p/s: I want a Blue Singapore Tarantula!

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