Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm still sick, tired, strengthless,
after the medicine I got drowsy & numb.
I realized I'm sick every 2 months,
it's whether I'm weak or I don't take care,
heck care!
I've been staying home like since Monday,
I'm just over lazy to do everything,
besides going to the office to chill.

The convo between me & dad yesterday.
Dad: which luggage are you taking ?
Me: My gray Lojel lah.
Dad: You better take a bigger one, you're gonna buy a lot.
Me: Oh , see first.
Later on at night, dad came in when I was packing.
Dad: Use this, it's more spacious.
Me: Okay.
Dad: Don't bring so much, you'll be buying there.
Me: *stunned* Okay, what if I don't see anything I want?
Dad: *walks out*
Me: *thinks* better pack!
So as a conclusion ,
PACK less, BUY more, BRING extra just IN-CASE.

Things to BUY
- clothes clothes & more clothes.
- shoes : wedges & gladiators & sandals & sneakers
- new bagSsss
- Dinner dress for next week
& anything else I see & I get to bring back!

Things to DO
- Be wise when I spend, buy what I LIKE/NEED
- Eat eat & eat more!
- Spot some actor/actress on road? AHHA
- Spot hot hongkie !
- Meet daddy's friend.
- Shopping with Kelven.
- Meet Jon the long lost bestie & party!
fyi: jon's one of the bestie since kindergarten.
It's been years since we met after the last trip I went to HK.
Parents have got their deal on business,
we kids got our deal to party on!

I can't believe I'm going to the Disneyland,
like of all Disneys,
what a waste of time being there instead of shopping.

One for clothes & stuffs,
one for cosmetics to bring on plane, its fragile.

An extra hand carry bag just in case my luggage bust!

Happy Holidays!
Those having mid-term break,
summer holiday,
winter holiday,
whatever it is,

Now I understand Mr Kelv!
We both know.
That shows his so called sincerity,his oh so true feelings&words.
He's been acting like one-kind-of-jerk, ain't he?
Kelv, you better NOT be one or I declare you as a stranger.
*Laughs*, only both of us know about this.

Jayden is still busy with this shopping in Paris/Milan/Italy,
where ever it is, at least I got calls!

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