Sunday, October 25, 2009

The blog is getting dull.
I've been real lazy these days,
to hang around,
although I still do,
but in different ways I guess.

What's up over the weekdays & end ?
No school day due to Deepavali.
Went out with Shane the Indian & SueSan.
Along with Chun & Horng.
Starbucks was it.
Had double shot of espresso which made me
having sleepless night.
Went to school, rotted as usual.
A week more and school's off for us form 5s.
Skipped school, slept till late afternoon.
Couldn't recall what I did already.
School day.
Took those graduation magazines home.
Slept at home, again.
Dinner with Shane , Horng & his parents.
Sundays cafe with Shane, Horng, Chun.
Got up real late , had brunchner around 5pm.
Headed to school for Jaycees Installation.
Mickey fetched me around 9ish, for supper.
Round around, headed to Coffee Island.
Along with Kheng ; Darren ; Freddy
Had Heineken.
rm50 / bucket, cheap much isn't it?
Came home around 3.
Staying @ home updating this now.

January or March intake?
I still, couldn't make up my mind.

is currently having a hard time sleeping all nights.
is somehow recalling a certain thing.
is really lifeless.
is in need to get myself to study.

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