Friday, October 30, 2009

First Graduation?
Kindergarten when I was 6.
Second Graduation?
Primary 6 when I was 12.
Third Graduation?
Form 5 when I'm now 17.

It was held today @ the school's hall.
Time for everyone to bid goodbyes.
It might be a good thing for another journey in life.
It's never a good thing to say Goodbye.

To recall, I was never happy with the school previously.
I went beyond the limits, just to make myself out of the school.
But so, I still failed.
Being rebellious, I gave up on studies years back.
Chinese school was never my choice.
Was suppose to just give it a try, but then, things changed.
After seeing new people, I gave my thoughts a lil changes.
There's always great people everywhere, just to find it out.
Perhaps, I was just different back then.
Among the years, I loved the Form 2 year most.
We did crazy stuffs, I had a great birthday in school,
we ordered pizza few times a week to school,
half of the class skipped class,
we bring foods to class which finishes up very fast.
& we never liked the seniors, not all tho.
Lots more of it, that's pure high school life ain't it?
I remembered where I bullied this guy, splashed him with coffee.
Lollipops & Fererro Rochers from this other guy, everyday.

At that time, how we wished school ends faster, with those evil rules.
Amongst the homework, Mathematics was the most, the rest was average.
We did math each day ; each period in class ; never stop discussing.
Before the PMR, we even skipped school for Mcd to study.
Well, the so called Breakfast then library for studies=)
The second home in school ? Discipline Room.
I've lost count on how many times I went in since Form 1.
There was this time, teacher even treated me foods in there, how nice?
Well, I've got more guy friends in school, maybe I'm tomboy-ish? HAHA

5 years of school ended like that .
Everyone's going different ways after Form 5.
Spm's just 2 weeks ahead ; Everyone's working on it.
Sometimes, when you think it's enough, it's never gonna be enough.

Will post about the Graduation Day soon

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