Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Genting Weekend.
Trip consists of everyone.
Mickey ; Edward ; Darren
Edmond ; Kheng ; KS ; CS

Started the journey @ 6am in the morning.
Before heading off to the highway, we had dim sum.
Everyone was sleepy , none slept but had fun. AHHA

The ride to Genting .
We had a few drivers changing shifts on the way tho.

I was god damn sleepy.

Sleepy heads.

It rained a bit on the way to Ipoh.

Hello Tunnel.

Edmond & KS

Crime scene? AHHA


Hello Genting.

Reaching. Not so fast.

@ Watsons waiting for them to park the car.
It was so so crowded over there at Genting.


First World Plaza.

Skelo man.

Lunch @ somewhere I don't know.

It rained at outdoor.

Waiting for the time to pass.

Chill Chill

Sweet potato. LOL

Edward Edmond KS Kheng Darren

Darren & Mickey both gaying.

Mickey @ Zhi Kang.

Got our deluxe room on Tower 2, not too bad.



Mickey ; Darren =)

Then, we washed up in the room and headed down again.
At least, weather got slightly better.
Chilled before going to the theme park.

First ride @ outdoor ; it drizzled.


Then it rained , seriously.

Edmond & KS

Edmond KS Mickey

So there's no point staying outdoor, and we went indoor instead.
The round-indoor ride.

Edward Me Mickey

Then, we went outdoor after the weather got better.
Motion Master ride was kinda good, better than previous.
Pirate ship was closed for the moment =(

Flying Elephant ride.

Wanted to head for Space Shoot but it rained heavily.
What a day, but to head back in.

We then went shopping around near those arcades.
I don't know what's this shop called.

Darren & me =)

The early dinner.

After dinner, we headed off to outdoor again.
It was chilly out there, but NICE!

Cracked lips , blurry face .


Mickey & me

& I had my ride for Space Shoot at night, SUPER FREEZY.
At 10ish, we headed back to the hotel for wash up.
I took a short nap & got ready again.
Chilled around the plaza, few of them went to bed.
Starbucks was full , loitered around Genting , found Old Town.
Old Town there, seriously sucks.
@ 2am, we went to explore Genting.
On the way back to Resort Hotel, the hilly road was COLD.
The wind & mist made me freeze.

At least, warm in there.

Woke up late on Sunday.
After the brunch, went for the Ghost House thingy.
Scary much? With the 3D specs thingy on, it seems to be better.
Then, Flying Coaster was it.

Headed for arcade.


Dessert before we left Genting.

Bye Genting.

Pretty ?

Stopped @ the temple , I forgot the name.

Mr. Lim Goh Tong. =)


I kinda love this building.

Roads & stairs.

The Lohan uncle.


I couldn't resist.

Hello hell.

Obscene! ahha

Buddha ?

Life cycle?

Not so huge?

Behind the greens.


View from the pagoda.

On our way to Ipoh.

Dinner @ Lou Wong.
In times, I prefer On Kee.


Bean sprouts.



The next road trip?
A Famosa, I guess?
I prefer this than Gurney,
at least, not that lifeless hanging around.
Great people makes great outing,
don't you think so?
Although we're all tired,
but we did, enjoyed the overall trip.

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