Monday, October 5, 2009

R.I.P. my scorpion!
It sorta died in peace,
when i noticed, it's not moving anymore.
4-5 months after it gave birth to the babies.
They're now all growing!

Friday night.
Old Town & Salam with everyone.
Mickey, EngKiat, Jia Qian, Kheng, Kang Sheng.............

Saturday @ the weekend.
No more Gurney outing for me that often.
I went office for a lil while & back to sleep @ home.
Made a chocolate cheesecake in the afternoon too!
Steamboat @ Nagore Road with everyone again.
9 of us, including Freddy & Darren.
Wanted to chill @ Old Town NWP, but it was full.
So headed off to Coffee Island, a few more friends came by.
Bumped into Farhan & his friend, William.
Somehow, we drank, again. Weekly routine.
Left for One-Stop, they wanted to play snooker tho.
Then, Ali for supper, real late supper.
Got home around 5am, died flat on the bed.
@ Coffee Island.

Darren, Freddy, & *idontknow* the name.

Freddy was actually cooling the beer bottle. LOL

Dad's birthday.
Happy Birthday Daddy!

Got woke up by brother at noon, down down down.
Went for lunch @ some place, sleepy sleepy sleepy.
Slept back in the afternoon, till evening.
Prepared the cake & myself for dinner.
@ Shelaiton, Auto City.

My GAVIN! ahha
the 4 kids @ home, each owns a PSP, brings out all the time.
I felt so outdated, having DS Lite but not touching it.


Four season dish.

Sea Cucumber ; Fish Moe ; Goose Leg ; Abalone.
Just some normal ones, didn't really like it this time.

Prawns. <3!

Shanghai dumpling & BeiJing dumpling. LOL

Genevieve & me.

Okay, I made this.
It's not that perfect, I know.

One will do.

Dad & cousins & brother & me.
* I looked weird & blur *

HAHA my dad @ brother.

Looking @ those disasters around,
esp the quake in Indonesia,
thousands of lives grabbed in a glimpse of eye.
It's obvious that the world is changing.
everything in once.
You gotta feel lucky that the place you're at,
is free from disasters.
Appreciate whatever it is now.

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