Monday, January 28, 2008

Another school week,
a month of school almost finish,
did I managed to learn anything from it?
Honoursly, nothing much bout it. haha.
Ive been hanging around late nights and all,
blur myself to school almost everyday,
tried not to sleep in class but I just did.
Luckily not everyday but some day. lmaooo.
Ive been thinking of taking O Level instead of SPM,
I can get rid of school 6 months earlier, sacrifices needed.
Still on my mind, will need someone to guide me which way to go then.
Thanks him for getting me info from Fairview International School today.

I never slept for the whole day since last nite,
I went over AutoCity's Pelita to meet up with
Eric;Cindy , Adryan;Hum , Bryan;him , another 2 thai friends of Hum.
So well, chit chatted alot there too, Eric was the rubbish one.
Left there around 3.45 to Tambun again.
Chilled awhile, then both of us went out.
AutoCity's MCD for Sausage Mcmuffin Happy Meal!
I got my bear with a D on it. thanks baby.
Well, came home around 5.30, took a short nap then went school.
I really couldnt get rid of the sleepy-ness in class,
I slept with headache on my head.
KeeTong wasnt feeling well, he went home earlier.
Then I stayed till 2 and finally get to come home.
Rested without lunch then slept awhile,
Calvin called then we went Salam.
Came home at 5 something and continue my sleep.
Help Eric out some stuff, then around 7 mom called.
Guess what, Uncle Steven was the one who called up.
He's already in Penang! weeee! waiting for my uncle to be back from Taiwan.
*grins* i want my Hello Kitty!!!
Checked for the info on my school work,
just got it completely done.

Work of the day.
Only me who finished all, how pityful.

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