Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Back to blog,
Ive been using here for months already.
I think there's no need to change tho.
I felt that everything's going on well here,
simple and easy will help alot.

Back to school,
Im in form 4 for the second month.
everything goes on real well for me,
spending time in school with my precious friends
are always the best.
They never failed to give me the best I needed,
there's always an helping hand around me.
Although I dont own many friends in my school,
but each of friends in school means to me.

Back to my normal life,
daily routine made some changes.
I go for late night outs instead of afternoon.
Hanging out with friends,
chilling in the club,
coffee or movie at night,
study when exams are around the corner,

Back to relationship,
onemonth and more of it,
never failed to give me the best.
Coming over all the way from TanjungBungah,
over to Penang or anywhere else,
THANKS him much.
*the ring means alot*

Time passes real fast,
VERY fast I mean.
Since 2006,
I get to know Denis,
which I call him my brother.
I learned and gained alot from him,
he brought me out from troubles,
lead me to a better place.
All thanks to him.
I remembered the first time we hang out,
yet, GURNEY was our choice.
It was his prom when he was with "someone",
I followed him to places before the night,
but after prom things changed tho.
He was tough enough.
Thats when i started to admire my brother.
After all with the another person,
he got tougher than usual.
I disappointed him with something stupid I did,
but still,
he managed to helped out.
As time passes by,
it's already the third year I call him my bro,
which my bro left for Australia.
Will manage my time and pay him a visit soon.
xoxo, bro.
Do take care and have fun with chicks over there.
But not to forget us ehh?

At the end of post,
I do hope everything will be smooth in my life,
although things are
* I cant wait to drive,
but its next yr still.*

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Eric said...

Totally agreed. No Pain No gain ... And No Pain No Grow !