Thursday, March 20, 2008

Backie back,
yet, here comes another weekend.
A week of 5 to school,
skipped one day, public hols one day.
So it's Good Friday tomorrow, but,
due to CHINESE school,
they never celebrate and well, we have to go.
The Sukan Tara day was sucky,
wasted my time on the field doing nothing.
Then I skipped the Wednesday staying at home.
Did nothing, and YEAH,
guess where I went?
I actually went tuition after a month and half for not attending.
Well well, tuition wasnt that bad afterall.
phew, stayed home for the entire night,
no clubs no nothing.
Got a lil pissed over something, thanks people for accompanying.
Bowen and ChienShen actually came by awhile. hehe

I woke up like 8 today, lmfao.
Thats a hardly thing I would have do normal days.
I went for dim sum with grandparents,
then dad's office.
Chilled and had lunch with dad.
Went over to PISA in the afternoon to see the set up.
Most of ppl were there to help out,
there will be an Industrial Expo from tomorrow till Sunday.
Bumped uncle calvin, with , AHEM, his colleague larh. lmao.
It was like freaking hot,
they never on the airconditioner. *stingy*grrs*

Okay done, all for now.
Pics coming up this weekend.
Stay tuned guys.

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