Monday, March 17, 2008

A short update for the Monday aight.
School started once again,
suprisingly that I never fell asleep.
Brought my new baby bag to school,
aww its just nice to hug.
It's my school bag lah dude.
Got most of the results,
well, they sucked.
Still waiting for the 3 science subjects.
OMG thats the dead ones.
Tomoro's SukanTara of the year,
everyone have to take part.
Last but not least,
I NEVER took part since form 2.
No interest.
The only sports Im into is marathon walk?
lmfao. 3km walks. thats all.

I love this,
the new snack I bought from Jusco,Queens.
Tasted well,
some sort of garlic bread but crispy ones.
yummy to the end.
Bought many many stuffs in Queens yesterday,
never managed to buy any clothings.
Just wait, wait. Patience till I get the right one.

By the end,
its raining once again.
I hope it rains tomoro morning.
Latest word tee from Supreme,

Hook me up with
AirMax x Misha
Supreme Kermit
any colours lah as long I have it!

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