Thursday, March 6, 2008

While I was thinking what to update around,
I found out that I got tagged by Christie.
A shoutouter that I got to know today.
So , here goes the tag topic.

1O things I can't live without
First thing to go.
What do normal humans do to communicate?
No, uh oh, not phone yet.
It's myself la babe. How can I live without my soul man?
RIGHT? haha

Second goes to my phone babe.
It's my gadget to call, receive calls, sms.
Anyone gets me when Im at anywhere.

Thirdly thats my purse.
Branded DAPHNE also. so you see?
Its important even its empty inside.
I siok sendiri for bringing my name out.

Then number 4.
my shoes babe!
Footscapes, sandles, heels, slippers.
Every of each la okay.
How am I suppose to step out without em?

Fifth. goes to err.
my camera due to my gila camwhoreness.
rite rite??
there's tons of reason for bringing a camera out each time.
snapping those precious moment.

Number 6.
I think my bed and pillows.
and my soft toys my dogs.
I hate REAL dogs okay, i only hv fakes.

Seventh to the heaven.
I need more clothes to live seriously.
someone, SPONSOR! pls lah? lol

I cant live without a HOME.
H to the O to the M to the E.
where shud i go without it HUH?

Im an eataholic!
Eat everything everywhere but no shits.

I love em all.
seriously, they brighten up my life.
mwak! xoxo*

I dont know who to tag yet.
stay tuned. ahha

its hols now.