Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Most subjects are over,
2 left. [ Chemistry, Modern Maths ]
Both are on tomoro and there goes my independance day.
Holiday week but only a week, no good.
I love exam week,
because , you know WHY?
time passes FASTER and real fast!
But when it comes to results time,
then you know the time pass even faster. lmao.
Cant wait for holidays. Grrrhh.
I turn good these days for not going out.
I never went out since Saturday,
and im so going club this sat with my dad.

The tee Adryan bought.
terima kasih banyak banyak.

And after I finished school today,
of couse, dad fetched me from school.
There was 2 envolopes on the seat,
he gave me one of em.
I checked it out for sure.
The envolope looked like that.
*I was wondering wtf is inside*

Then I saw a paper with this card thingy.

There was a card, only for GSC.
Buy one get one free card.

But one thing not good is that
its not entitled for every movie available,
and and and
there's only certain time each day for the movie.
What for lah,
not for Premiere, twin seat, gold class.
I registered with my name. CHUN. lalala.
CEH, but at least smtimes I got free movie rite?
Terima kasih, thank you DIGI,
always your smarter choice.
say what? say FUYOHH.

All for now, got nothing more to say YET.
tak ada MOOD, and feel so reluctant I dont know upon what.