Sunday, April 13, 2008

Did I just said that,
I never went out last nite
thru my last post?
That was for that time,
my phone rang.
Thanks to Brian for calling,
made me go all the way to Glo.
His friend fetched.
Oh my,
that was really killing me
course I never planned to go,
never wanted to club,
all thanks to the dudes
with another 2 persons.

As usual,
familiar faces.
He's always the sexiest among us.
then I met
Jason,Chicky,Teong Luen,Kenny.
Kingzou,*another guy*,Kelvin.
lots more to go.

And I went Queens today,
yes, I did shopped.
Dad dropped me and bro with his friends.
I spent like shit today,
I dont know what makes me spend so much,
I bought tops from MnG and Forever 21.
Chilled around alone you see,
thats why I got no controller,
I see I get. HAIH, I know.
Went movie with hsienhao and Su,
then they left.
He was kind of afraid that I'll be lost in the middle of no where.
I bought Lekor and Pisang Goreng to eat,
then dad fetched us,
dropped by Glenegles Hospital to visit uncle.
Had dinner at Northam and left.

I'mma going out again.
It's killing me,
im tired!!!
then they left Queens.

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