Thursday, April 10, 2008

These suck.

The super long stud.



It's a tiring weekday for me,
but all I had was fun.
Real fun around.

He got everything right,

everything fine.
i've got not many pictures these days.

Got out quite late,
slept in the afternoon of course.
Went over to Red Box.
HsienHao fetched me,
then fetched Su,
met up with Max.
The person who suggested Red Box
NEVER even sang for real.
We played cards then losers drink.
they made me drink all the time.
Thanks that he helped me also.
For the first time, people says that i look like 14.
Left around 3,
dropped Su back home,
I went mcd greenlane with him.
Talked and chilled there.
Got home around 4,
chatted in the car,
and I left for bed at 5.
*1hour30mins of sleep*

As usual,
messaged with him,
then planned for movie.
I finished school at 1.15 as teacher was absent.
So got home and bathed;changed.
We went out around 2.30,
fetched Su,
then went Gurney.
Had A&W for lunch,
watched The Nim's Island.
Bumped into
Jason;Daniel;n their friend.
Paul dating with Angelyna.
We all watched the same movie also.
Some thing happened in cinema,
Hung around Coffee Beans,Toys R us.
Stupid things happened in Toys R Us.
I kept playing with him and all.
i was like an innocent kid. *lmao*
then left Gurney around 9.
Wanted western food but either one was open.
So had dinner in Red Garden.
After all,
I have to come home,
so yeah,
he dropped me home first,
then he went home to bath,
then picked me up again.
Went B.Ferringhi meet up Max,
then got bored after 1 bucket of Tiger,
So well,
we went down to UPR.
Was 2am then,
chilled awhile,
didnt really met any familiar faces.
Had supper at mamak,
then we all got home.
We went Penang twice a day,
ohmy.... for the sake of...
I dont know.
I reached home around 4,
talked in the car.
and yeah,
I leave my ear with one piercing each side.
He took out the stud,
okay, for him I will.
So let the other holes disappear.

Im sorry aight?
I knew you cared,
I knew you would mind,
when you asked about the past.
I do mind. hugs*
*im just happier than before so much more*
Hope things won't go wrong.

You brighten everything up. It's priceless my dear.

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