Monday, May 5, 2008

main picture of the day.
Everyone of em count.
Look at Benny's hand, get well soon man!
*the last one from right.*

Jon messing stuffs up.

Double ciggy.

They're pro in this.

Hawyang looks like,

Jie Loon wanted to fight.

We love Heneiken

me and Thye.
I'm such a poser.LMAO
I was emo, was down.

When the guys sleep rite,
look for what's next.

Slowly, his hand position changed.

Chloe & Joan,
Joan looked serious.
Thats the convo.

Apart of the gang.

Joan was kind of stopping Thye from
I DONT KNOW what . haha

Our teacher of the day,
briefed us where to go.

the sexy one.

Nelson loves picturing.

Cleo ; Emily
Crap , I look weird.

No idea wat was going on.

You see,
when guys get high themselves.

Memang siao

Without music. haha

Yee Sum reading the convo,
Nelson posing as usual.
Guo Wei's behind.

The kuai lan ones.

them ; me
lala wannabe

Nelson #1 ; Chicky #2
Jon #3 ; HawYang #4

Cleo ; Leon ; Bryan.

from right to left.
HawYang, Jon, Chicky, Nelson.

Chicky and Jon ,
IDK what were they doing.

Meet Bryan,
the most tukao and ugliest one?
We don't give a damn man.

When Chicky gets EMO.

the one we bully all times.

Oh this is such a crap.

he's always good in posing.

Us having fun.

Cleo ; Nelson ; Jon ; HawYang
advertising some soft drinks.

After I got home,
well, vained a bit.

end of the day.
What I rocked on sat?
that bag!

More pictures of Sunday coming up.
It takes lots of time to upload these,
grrhhh, can something else make it faster?
& yeah, did I mentioned that
I got a new Issey Miyake?
Thanks my mom! yay!!!

I'm glad that I see something
I HOPE today.

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