Friday, June 13, 2008

Here comes a Friday,
there goes a week.
It's already half of June now,
sooner or later, July and so on.
Time goes around, comes around.

Okay, school was good today.
Met Mr.Ashrab, my malay teacher in library.
He just got back from Makkah.
fyi, his third time. How loyal to *allah* huh.
We did talked through certain topics,
from a small matter, to some politics.
Will be looking forward to watch his pictures in cd.

The other topic we talked was, Arab and China.
He told me everything there are from China,
stuffs are cheap, everything's cheap over there.
This is what I know through my dad too,
since he's got some business related to China.
Nowadays, China's really controlling the market.
From a small tiny little thing to everything.
It's a good thing for us Chinese
but just hope that they won't ruin the image of products.
Remain the quality and the right price.
There's the range of price for any products in China.
You get what you can afford, and they give what you pay.
The market is growing, and still strong. Keep it up.
Although I'm not a China person,
learning Chinese reluctantly, but still at least I know.

The other topic was about the petrol price here.
Even him, complained that price shouldn't rise so high.
It's RM2.70, but not everyone can afford it.
Our country is producing so much of petrol,
almost 3 TRILLIONS of it I heard,
and Brunei's one of the big producer,
but not more than our country.
Price there is not more than RM2 here.
And imagine, Saudi Arabia?
Are prices like that too? NO.
The country,itself produce petrols,
should they set the high price like that?
This makes everything not LOGIC.
Although it's only a ringgit of it, but it matters.
The PM says everything will be fine, they care.
If they care, why increase petrol price?
This is so gonna affect every single thing in the country.
Once petrol price increase, NOTHING is gonna decrease.
Unless, the percentage of Malaysians to like the PM,
IS DECREASING SO MUCH since the election day.
"Price of petrol will remain until next year",
which means that it will increase once again?
When everything increase, burden of one increase the most.
If it's so, are salaries gonna be increasing too?
No offense for this, as I'm just being a student,
but when one change, the country will turn around.
Even countries which DO NOT produce petrols,
are NOT increasing like what we do.
We ourself got so much of it, but yet,
things are so much different from others,
don't they know how to differentiate these?

There's these protests going on in KL and certain states,
none of Malaysians are happy for these,
besides THOSE who are involved&related in the petrols.
They're most probably laughing their ass off,
course they're earning MORE and MORE.
[ the THOSE refers to, you know!]

Well, just for what I've seen so far, heard so far.
No offense over words above, but it's a statement.

If someone ever happens to see THIS

which looks like THIS inside,

OR any of it,
PLEASE inform. I'm addicted to it.
Can't stop myself from having these. I know it's FATTENING.
Got those from Langkawi, never had enough.

Well, what's this?

It's my antibiotic, found on my table.
The other day, I opened and left on table, forgotten.
from a normal white tablet, it turned so.
Maybe it's exposed to the air and so on.

Some happy moments approached,
more to come,
I love my friends!

you know who you are!
I behaved myself so good,
treat me something when u're back!
thanks first.

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