Monday, June 9, 2008

Here I am, back from Langkawi.
Didn't enjoyed anything, even CHOCOLATES.
I should have been drinking, eating chocs till I die,
BUT the sick just ruin everything.
Throat's now swollen, turned out to be worse than ever.
Well, everywhere's duty free shop,
everything were so cheap, cigarettes too.
A can of beer cost like 2 buck, freaking CHEAP.

There goes the pictures.

The morning of Kuala Kedah.

The one we went on to Langkawi.


My grandma!

After an hour or more, here comes LANGKAWI.

Pretty view.

The arrival hall was great with shops,
then after lunch, here it is.
the eagle, the landmark.


Then headed to this place,
look? the Black Sand Beach, IT SUCKS.

Next was Cable Car ride, at GeoPark.

The cable cars above the greens.

The sky's turning cloudy.

Look at that waterfall!


Were in cable car, enjoying scenery.

The black clouds.

It was REAL COOLING up there, but I sweat too.

Blame the clouds for covering the pretty scenery.

As usual.

Auntie Jeana and me.



Then, UnderWater world. I love Sentosa more.

Nice snake?




Then the night was just about shopping.
No beach because I wasn't staying around beach,
I was in the city, EWW, I WANT BEACH!
It rained almost all day, no tanning session.

Never went to the school today,
due to the PAIN of throat,
coughing non stop and flu.
I hate it so much,
it's so gonna be my first and my last.

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