Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Who will love this?

Seriously, I hate consuming those.
Absent in school for the second day,
headed to Penang for consultation,
wanted Glenegles but doctor wasn't available.
So went to LohGuanLye,
never really like the doctor, HAHA.

At least,
now I never need to hide things,
now I know what causes my throat to this,
which is related to smoking.
Over the sensitive throat,
makes everything turned upside down,
no more.

Whenever I know things are wrong,
I'll be more than happy to try,
I don't know what's wrong with me,
but just making things worse to worst.
I guess I myself need a change,
just hope to get back the best and trust.

thanks people who concerned much.
Love you guys till death seriously.
Having you all here at least I won't feel to end life.
I ruin myself, with regrets,
but it's just too late, too late.
I never listened to any words, that makes things worse.
I never appreciate things until it's gone.

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