Sunday, June 29, 2008

Here's the updates.
Been doing nothing for the school days,
skipped school for good on Friday.
But I still went school.

Penang after school, around evening.
Nothing much on Friday, slept quite early without outings.

Saturday, Gurney day as usual.
Has been almost 2 weeks since I last went.
I miss everyone there much.
Before that,
Jemputree for lunch.

Hey, thats my bro, Andre.

Fruit punch of the day belongs to ME.

Nasi Lemak Rendang Ayam, CHUN.

Cucur Ikan Bilis.
I didn't know they served in this big portion,
cause were only us 3.

Chilled around in Gurney with everyone.
Met up with Bryan,Jon and HawYang in MegaQ.
Cleo and Joan came, then off for lunch with em.
Headed to Winter Warmers, chilled there.
Met everyone again in MegaQ, chilled as usual.
Well, then Chopper Board with the guys and Joan.

THYE, man of the day.


haha, ain't he vain?

Joan says : I'm a PIMP!

She loves this effect.

After everything,
after I bought my stuffs,
changed into short dress with my shorts inside,
then met Joan up, walked around. RANDOM.
Chilled in Sega, something nice to see!
Kenny broke the beer bottle using his hand;pressure.
with the water pressure to break the bottom of bottle.
The whole piece of round glass came out.

They wanted a second show,
but everyone failed; HAND PAIN.
That's Victor & Kenny.

Victor was trying hard, die hard for it, but failed.
Calvin looking on .

So, MegaQ with the gang again,
mom called, so off we went to meet my mom.
They wanted to meet their godma.
So, Chicky;Filips;Jon;Bryan followed.
Had dinner in Chilis & movie after.

buddy buddy!

I know this is weird, BUT who cares?

They said I look pregnant in this dress. HAHA

Chicky; me.

FOODS of the day belongs to ME.

Jon with his signature smile.


And so, Get Smart was nice. Not so bad after all.
People I met was
and so on I guess.
Off I went after movie, the guys came to my place.
They wanted to see my mom before she leave.
Nelson;BengKhai;YeeSum;Leon came first.
Later on, GuoWei;Ninjoe;Yeong came,
Then Jon and Chicky.

So, so so so, where did I went after that?
G-L-O ; M-O-I-S ; M-O-M-O
3 in a night, except S-S.
Met DJ JakeMan in club, the JUNGLE night.
Momo's Beach party and Mois *i dont know event*
Seems like every club got different event,
and it has been quite some time,
since I last saw UPR that happening before.
Normal Saturdays wouldn't be so pack in every club.
Thank god, chilled on dance floor in Glo for almost an hour,
and I was sweating like nobody's business.
A lot of familiar faces around that night, had funs!
So yeah, I waited for ShanYang to fetch me from Glo.
Bumped into Yang who just got back from Australia,
and WeiYe,Kenny and another guy.
Talked to them since it was so long since we met.
Met another new friend; Robin.
At last, Kenny gotta fetch me home, THANKS.

Early morning of today,
went for breakfast & hair cut.

Before the cut.

As usual.

Still, BEFORE.



How good I am huh for cutting my hair so short.
It's some kind of bob.
And yeap, there's COLOURS. haha

Lunch at Little Cottage, yummy.
Headed home to bath,
packed stuffs, and then Queens.
I seriously didn't got the mood to hang around.
I still prefer Gurney than that, MUCH.
It was like air-conless day there,
so freaking hot in every corner,
bought some fake lash and my cute bottle AGAIN.
This time, it's the tiny one !
There was one I really wanted,
but it was the last one and was DAMAGED!
Sakae Sushi for dinner,
wasn't that nice compared to before.

Time to be home.

Sometimes, when it comes till you realize,
then you know it's too late if you don't appreciate.
Until then, if you know it's late,
and when you try not to let it happen,
it will just not change.
Thanks my friends for the listening ear.

* I no longer gonna hang out like how I did,
it's just the matter of time and everything.
Maybe it would be better like this,
but still,
I miss everyone so much.
After all, it has been so long since we all hang around.
But well, things change.*

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