Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Not my pickup.
It's Samboy aka the fucker's. HAHA.
fucker use fuck caps, right?
I cam whored with it awhile.

I kind of love this week,
because of the rain.
It makes everywhere cooling,
makes my sleep better,
makes me not sweating that often.

I had a real morning mare yesterday,
I was in a so good mood but the fucker ruined it.
Guess what,
I went to buy dim sum for school,
met with some real retards there.

the convo:
retard : how old are you? [in chinese]
me : (kind enuf to answer) form4.
retard : (looking at me) wo ai ni, I love you.
me : (remained silent, waiting for my foods to be packed)
retard : (kept repeating, came closer) wo ai ni wo ai ni.

FUCKING siicko of this guy. YUCK.
i ran off so fast right after i took my foods.

I told my friends bout this, they laughed so hard.
well, I myself can't control myself to not laugh.

Time for nap. Byee.
euro euro eurooo!

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