Monday, June 30, 2008

The inter-sports day week
Chung Ling Butterworth
Chung Ling High School
Chung Ling Private.
3 days in this week,
Friday of next week.

So, there goes all the periods,
studied as usual,
skipped class as usual,
met some friends tho.
Met Chia Wei in canteen,
as well as ChienMing.
Nothing much went on later,
Then saw Michael the dude,
skipped Chemistry awhile to watch the high jump,
took pic with ChienMing.

Pictures of the day from ChienMing's blog.

The journey from his school, CLHS Penang.

This is my school.


He's in action.


the picture we bola face
my hair was flying off due to the wind.
How rarely of me in school with pictures.

And so,
the PENANG is so small!
we know* haha.

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