Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I know myself well like you never do.
Whatever it is, I'm being me,
I love things around me, seriously I do.

It's July now, the seventh month,
and I see nothing in my life now.
My weekday routines are the same,
Life's interesting with friends in times,
so well, I appreciate things around, peoples around.

How random of me not going club for almost a month,
but I just did went last Sat. hehe.
Trying to cut down everything now,
I'm getting boring of it, I want something new.
When you get to meet new people around,
then it's the time to change yourself into something new too.
But yet, I still haven't found what I really love.

Do you hate someone, anyone, the one?
Everybody has someone they hate, so do I.
I ain't gonna say who's that, related to what, and why.
It's just, when you really dislike someone,
you never hope to see that person for so much,
and all you can do is, IGNORE.
If everyone argue, where's peace to be found?
I may be ignorant sometimes, but hey, I have reasons.

There's hate, there's love.
So who,what,why do you love?
you love that person for something because of something.
No need to be the couple love , love at the first sight or anything,
just, love among family, friends and peoples around.
Loving is much better than hating,
it brings laughters, happiness, PEACE.
Make love, No war, YES IT IS.
Try to understand the situation; the person;
slowly, things will change to good.
Even if it's ending, there goes the Happy Ending.

Even tho I don't come from a perfect family with both parents now,
but still, I love em both , I get to spend time with them.
Recalling last time, I used to be very hot temper,
used to be this, used to be that and everything;
Now, when day passes by, you realize;understand,
then problem is settled easily with tolerance.
Think with your brain, don't let your emotion control it,
you are the one who is suppose to control your emotion.
I myself may have some attitude problem,
but ask yourself, who doesn't?
It's only the matter of time, don't think reluctantly.
Understand people and yourself with your heart,
then the world is pretty but nothing is perfect yet.

Ta daaa! my cute lil bottles .
Bought these again from Toys R Us.
Thanks mom.

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