Friday, July 18, 2008

boo ya!
nothing much happened in this weekend,
except some arguments in school.
Well, that was with my chinese teacher.
Kind of hate her since the start of year,
at last, I boosted all out.
Got counseled, but the session was fun.
and well, got recorded in the red card once again.

Looking forward to paint my room,
colours are gonna be decided soon.
Can't wait for my room's makeover,
new furniture, new everything.
I need new clothes too, right?
I want that round bed,
I'm not sure whether I could get it.

2 more weeks to exam,
that's it.
After exam,
there goes my KL shopping trip.
Will be down for a week during hols in August.
Booked Firefly instead, was so cheap.

Nothing seems to be new.
I've been watching Hong Kong series non stop.
Addicted yet I learned about life.
When I saw this guy, get along with both girls,
when both girls are best friends ,
and one without knowing they share the same guy.
I hate this part seriously, and guys so are LOSERS.
Being a third party is seriously sucky.
and why be greedy? Guys. yeah I know.