Monday, July 21, 2008

I enjoyed throughout the whole weekend.
It was great and everything went on well.

Went over to Gurney on Saturday evening.
Fetched Jason and few friends along too.
Met everyone up in Gurney although not that many.

Later around 8.30, we took a cab to esplanade.
There was Bon Odori going on, nothing much special.
There goes the pictures.

Haw Yang & Jon checking out my naruto ball!

This is what guys will do.

They were looking out for arrows for the light.

Big enough? yes?


3 of us had drinks and Uncle Bob fried chicken.

Coupon guy, anyone?

Hung around with few of them around .
After few moments at basketball court,
we all heard something loud,
we all saw something pretty.

This was the best of all.

Later on, I left.
Guo Wei,NinJoe,Imin,Leon,YeeSum along.
Dropped Imin and Joan home, chilled at Ninjoe's house.
Then I went back to my condo for a bath.
Went out again, mcd and some other places.

The late night, going morning bridge.

Penang Bridge.

Later around 5am, we all got home.
Kenny and GuoWei stayed over.

It was 6.30am.

Sun light's hiding.


The very early morning.

Before I went to bed at 7am after MCD Breakfast.

Got up around 1, they left and I packed.
Dad came, left the house for Queensbay.

Spot my new Roxy sandals, thanks cousin sis.
All the way from Australia

While waiting for Dragon-i, there was this event down there.

I love this the most in Queensbay.

Dragon-i. The always full restaurant.


Got seated, my first time on this so low seat.

Besides the Shanghai dumpling, this is one of my fav.
Egg custard or something similar.
"ham dan wong lai yao bao" in canto.

The wet & dry.

And that's all for the weekend.
I know it ain't that happening,
but yet, I enjoyed.

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