Sunday, July 6, 2008

A day out with dad,bro,uncle&aunt.
I slept at 7am in the morning , got up around 12.
Headed to Penang for Matta Fair in PISA.
Was packed, as usual.
Then then then we went for foods after that.
At Lorong Selamat; CharKoayTeow & Ice Kacang.
Later on back to Queensbay , decided to shop around.
Wanted some stuff from MNG, ended up finished.
Getta save money huh.
Of all things, I bought myself another pair of sandals,
and some stuff from Body Shop.
Jusco's Hypermarket is one of my favourite place,
bought some stuff and LOTS OF BREADS.
I love the breads from that bakery, all freshly baked.

Ended the day with dinner..
Was too rush when I was about to go out,
so there's no camera with me,
and so, there's no pictures.

I've learnt something from the HK series.
Not to be over confident and drop yourself down again.
Just be satisfy with what you have,
don't be greedy,
by then, you're only gonna regret when things are over.

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