Sunday, July 6, 2008


my first time in blue lens;true sapphire. 0 power!

Deleted the previous post, well.

It's so, that's so, everything don't come in a SO.
And If, If If If,
what IF you die one day?
what IF he/she leaves me?
what IF I'm rich?
what IF he/she don't love me?
what IF I never did, this won't happen.
And IF there's so many IF around,
there won't be another tomorrow.
Don't predict, until then, accept the fact.
After all, its already over, why IF?
You can't turn the regrets around.
Never give yourself an IF ,
never try to IF when something has passed.

Maybe I've been If-ing so much around,
get used of it, but then I know IF don't make sense.

JULY's here, I don't see any changes , still.
No Gurney outing today, I miss em.
Perhaps, been staying home for whole day,
besides dinner & coffee with dad.
Happiest over today was that,
I bought my new phone in sunset red,
still waiting for Iphone.

The entire weekend was fine for me,
I made apple cake on Friday,
they said it was good.
But then, it was a small one, just to try out recipe.
Turned out was,
Gavin that lil guy,
scolded me for making that and not chocolate cupcakes.
Kids nowadays, speechless.
HAHA, he's cute!

All for now,
off to series, have a nice week people.

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