Saturday, July 26, 2008

Has been quite some time after that.
I'm doing pretty good after 3 months,
time passed so fast.
I need a break ; a new change.
I see nothing now, it's like no life for me.
I'm practically doing the same thing each day,
continuing the daily routine, the daily rants too.
tearing up my heart.

It's a Saturday now,
I'm rotting at home here,
spending my time in room,
staring the sky from my windows,
I see the dark clouds,
hearing the strong wind blows,
until the leaves sound, some things sound,
house doors shaking, cars alarm on,
the sea behind my house has big waves.

Imagine what kind of weather is today.

I was rotting at home yesterday too.
Besides, Jason came over after school,
then I fetched him in dad's car around our housing area.
It was great ; wasted some petrol.
Good to see Kent around my house too, after so long.

Nothing much already.
Nothing to rant about.
I'm addicted to
Summertime - New kids on the block

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