Thursday, July 24, 2008

M back from dinner,
with Kee Shiung along.
Had tomyam porridge.

Yesterday's pictures.
Uncle Graham and auntie Sue paid a visit.
They came over from Australia.
Knew them since young when they stayed in Penang,
when I was in the same kindi as their son, Ryan.
Dad and uncle are business partners and friends.
There was once when we went on cruise, it was fun.
Uncle even know how to speak malay.

This trip, none of their children came, only another 2 friends.
I don't know their names tho. ahha Sorry.

So, we had seafood dinner in Tambun.

Everyone enjoyed,
we had lots of beers too.

Nice foods I doubt.

auntie sue(right) with her friend(left)

dad with uncle graham.


auntie sue, me,bro

uncle with me~!





found these from my phone.
not bad right the quality.

This chocolate tasted quite nice.

On the Sat night, this is Leon.

What are these?
Yee Sum turned them into BALLS.

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