Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yesterday was a happy one, today is totally disaster.
Not to mention what happened today, totally fucked off.

Had my Big Apple Donuts yesterday, thanks XianHui.
She actually bought, and delivered to my house, how kind of her!
Oh well, half a dozen was more than enough for me alone.
Had some fresh last night, totally heaven.

This is ALIEN! ahha chocolate tasted real good.

Now I know,
when friendship goes wrong,
everything seems to be wrong too.
If you were the one who took friendship for granted,
just for the sake of goodness,
please , just leave me alone.
I don't need to see your fuck face around

And this old bitch,
who only knows how to talk,
only knows how to cut hair,
as the HEAD of DOG in school,
what else do you know mother fucking bitch.
You must be thinking that you're all right,
and we, are all wrong.
Who cares if you control everything?
Nobody wants to see you around,
and when you were away, we enjoyed like there's no tomorrow.
None of us hope that you're back since you were admitted.
Laew Siew PANG!

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