Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The just passed weekend.
Gurney for both days, Sat&Sun tho.

Chia Ee fetched me ; then Paul.
Met Tett ; Carmen ; Joan in Winter Warmers.
Lunch @ Nandos with Paul, then MegaQ.
Tett,Noel and so on there.

Walked around for some shopping, there was this Dior roadshow.
Later on met Cat , Farhan , Reno , Rachel in MegaQ.
There was this *issue* going on, we know. hehe
& we all went window shopping @ new wing.
The DC Heroes shop opened *if i spelled it right*
Hung around there awhile then MNG was next.
Chilled inside for some time, *no purples for the day*

* Us , and what's Reno doing there *

Later on we split on our own ways to get green tea ice cream.
Met up there again, then Cold Storage for *healthy foods*

*candid of us by Reno*

Had a walk & talk @ Gurney Walk,
when we were kind of chilling, there was a fight going on.
*ignorant people*

Toys R Us was next, to check out toys and stuffs.

* Michael Jackson molesting in progress *

Later on we hunt for mirror for pictures.
*daphne ; Reno ; Farhan *

& in Guess
* Catarina n Daphne *

We girls went to the Dior truck to try out the new Iconic Mascara.
The mascara rock, seriously. We got free sample too!

& there goes picture with Christmas tree.

Disturbed Zoe @ the mid stage while she was having her makeover.
Then we went to Parkson to claim the mascara & I reserved perfume set.
3 pcs perfume set of Jadore, comes with 30ml perfume, lotion, gold clutch.
With 200 of purchase, you're entitled for the makeover & photoshoot.


The free mascara from Dior.

Watched Quantum Of Solace with mom and brother,
the show is more in action, but I want more car scene.
rate it 4/10. not a nice one. Epick Phailed


Dad came over to fetch me and brother.
Long skirt for the day with white top.

Went for Sister's Char Koay Teow , seriously, phailed again.
It wasn't that nice anymore, then NWP for ice kacang, dad's fav.
I only had the peanut ice cream tho.
Gurney later on, for shopping & collect my perfume.
& I got myself another Dior Lip Maximizer.
For heaven's sake.
Then I went to the mid stage for makeover & photoshoot.
Dad & brother went off shopping w/o me!
So, no pickups for the day. *emo*

I haven't scanned into the pc yet,
there goes the pictures.

I love that ribbon!

Pickup of the day.

At least something.
But I regretted for not getting the bigger set.
It's okay! there are more to go besides Dior.

I'm totally lifeless now,
I've got nothing better to do
other than sleeping ; chatting.

*laughing at my pm & Jon's pm*
the word GeeCheeky comes from
Geeky + Cheeky = GeeCheeky.
*invention of us both*
Sister&brother's love.

Daphne Chiu , you know I love the super duper GeeCheeky you & somehow miss you like there's no one in this world
JonGoh, you know I love the super duper GeeCheeky you & somehow miss you like there's no tomorrow

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