Thursday, November 27, 2008

What makes my night.

I got up real early after a 2 hours sleep @6.30am.
Then followed grandparents & 2 lil cousins to dim sum.
Hung around in the office, then went to aunt's shop.
Dad fetched me around 1, for lunch.
Then dad dropped me @ Auto City, to meet Dominic.
Had Haagen Dazs with Dominic then went to the shop.

Pictures taken by phone, not that nice.
Bikes bikes & I know nothing.

Jackets for superbikes & so on.

This is what I crave for!
2 wheels in front, 1 in the mid behind.
This baby cost RM97k.

More colors of bikes.

Later on walked over to Sega Fredo for drinks.
Blue Lagoon & Vodka neat.
I still prefer the Gurney one for the atmosphere. hehe*
We left at 5.45 then, his aunt fetched him & my aunt fetched me.

On the way back, somewhere around was flooded.
I guess there was this heavy rain then.
Clogged drains and rivers around.

Two days ago, Monday.
I was bored & decided to make something.
Cream puffs by me.

Just normal sweet whipping cream & thats it.
It was just so easy to make.

Just a short post for now,
till then,
I don't know what to do for holidays.
Chao people.

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