Monday, February 2, 2009

It's Chinese New Year & we had a week of holiday.
I was around in Penang since the 2nd day of CNY @ grandma's place.
This year, it's rather more peaceful than usual as well as bored.
I stayed home or visited relative for days.

Till Friday, I went out.
First stop was Giant with Jon & TL for groceries.
Met up with Kenn&Shin Dee with Bryan there.
Pictures , here you go.
TL, Bryan, Shin Dee, Kenn.


Cute couple & Bryan the random photo taking. HAHA

Stuffs for Chorleone Party.

Jon , Daphne.

On our way to Gurney , jam everywhere.

Then, I chilled around , went to phone shop , met my Jon & Joan.
Met Paul & everyone in MegaQ then we're both off to movie.

Ours. *ily*

Saturday @ Gurney & Chorleone Party.

Had lunch @ home first , then headed to Burmese Temple.
Prayed & chilled a bit, waited for my dear GeeCheeky & off to Gurney.
Watched InkHeart , premiere class was rather empty.
Later on, ate in Nandos, met my cousin brother BanSeng&Stephanie.
JieLoon , Adelene , Tett & so on were there too. Talked a bit.
& yes, I met my bitches , Eesa & Chia Ee! *loves*
Met Tha, Rach, Bryan,TL,Liang Chieh @ Beads Zone.

On our way to Bryan's place.


After taking all the stuffs, he dropped me @ the beach & left.
Then, there goes the start of Chorleone Party.

The pretty beach?

Yes, I chilled.

Meet Reno , Cat , Farhan.

Me & Cat. lovessss

The emo chicky

The guys.

Hi to Bryan's burnt marshmallows & Hi to Justin.

Nelson poser , Reno behind , Kenn & TL gaying.

Oh well. showing off his shell nipples.

Helped them with the foods & so.
The place we chose was so dark that we can't see anything without lights.

There's Leon, Ritchie,Ryuichi,Reno,Leslie,Igor in here.

Igor , Leslie, Ron, Kenn.

WengHoe with Liang Chieh.

Kenn wanted to be the aluminium foil guy.

Here he is.

Kit & Liang Chieh busy burrying my legs.

Ron & NelKON.

oh so not random.

TL & me.


Ah NELkon.

Us being lala.
Chicky loves J-Rock.

Oh guys.

Someone lighted fireworks,pretty much.


After that party, we went back to Ron's place to wash up .
Then Q-Zone was next, guys need to game.
Left around 1am, and I'm already exhausted.
The party was a blast.

I love my weekend much.
Thanks for the everything my GeeCheeky.
I miss you much

More updates soon.

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