Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The rain never fails to fall everyday.
I think I'm getting sick again very soon.

Counting down to the day I was born,
recalling about something I was told recently,
which makes me laughed so hard in my room,
and brother thought I got crazy and mad.

Then I'm addicted to the dark chocolate,
containing 74% of cocoa ,
along with the truffles covered with cocoa powder,
and the Godiva Easter Egg chocolate by cousin,
so, I'll be seeing myself gain weight again. wtf.

Currently deciding on camera still.
I want my DSLR which dad agreed,
but I was afraid it's too bulky and I'm lazy to hold,
then I want this compact camera,
Sony T900 or Panasonic LX3?
One with attractive colours ; one with semi-slr function.

Planning for a trip in December,
that's no longer the so called high school holiday,
but it's end of high school.
A trip with friends will be fun and happening.
As well as planning on a Europe trip for Christmas with dad.
The main exam ain't over but I'm planning all these.

I am eating very healthy and no disorder meals,
I made cornflake topped with chocolate, so chewy.
I'm loving foods,
we shall have an Eating day,
to eat nice foods all around.
Kelly and Wei Shiang have been tempting me with BUFFETS,
Japanese and Western ones,
so, on my big day,
I'm going for nice dinner with family.
Tiffins @ Park Royal,
Spice Market Cafe / Feringgi Grill
@ Rasa Sayang
Equatorial's Japanese Buffet,
The 1885 @ Eastern & Oriental Hotel,
so classy, quiet, great for fine dining.
( This is what I crave for since last time, bring me there!)

Was actually planning to go for a night @ Lone Pine,
too bad, they're closed for renovation,
be open in 2010. SO SAD.

I miss the Chi @ Rasa Sayang,
very nice spa place for Spa & massage.
Kelven! Come back & lets go again!

I am wanting these!

- new watch
- charm bracelet
- Mac Hello Kitty set of ALL
- An all paid trip includes shopping
- To Greece / Maldives / Mauritius/ The Alps
- Vera Wang perfume
- White long silk dress
- the sweetest surprise !
- A visit to Las Vegas & stay in Wynn again.

I shouldn't be that greedy at once,
I know things won't happen all at once,
so well,
I'll wait patiently!

Oh! Life can be very lovely if you see it in a good way.
Looking back at myself,
my life is good enough and I have no reason to complain.
I'm well-pampered by the Dad,
taken good care by the Family,
having my bunch of great friends by the side,
what's more about to complain?
When I'm all alone,
I know how it feels, how much I'll miss all these.


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