Thursday, May 7, 2009

School's been very free, teachers absent and so on........
Shane the ass says this looks like MAS uniform, DARNNN!

Okay, so here it goes.
On a Saturday, which was 2nd of May,
I slept for the whole day at home, neglecting the phone and pc.
I didn't bothered brother or dad waking me up, so they left to Gurney.
So at night, grandpa insisted that I've gonna go for dinner with them,
as it was gonna be the belated Birthday celebration with Family.
Shelaiton was it @ Auto City.
Dad's friend joined us, he bought me a cake! THANKS UNCLE

The Brother & Cousins.

Grandparents & Brother & Cousins.

Gerald !!

Gavin the cute lil one!!!

So after the dinner, it rained a lil, we headed back home.
I got out around 11, along with Jovi, Shane, Vincent & friends.
ROAR. We drank, we went to the cc, then we Mcdonald-ed!

Again, I got up latee in the afternoon / evening.
It was raining super heavily , again.
We had dinner again at night @ Starview.

So for the overall weekend, I sort of wasted the time on sleeping.
It was really nice sleeping throughout the rainy&dark day.
I want more of these weathers, so I won't be going out.
Oh well, EXAM in a week's time, FUCK IT NO TIME!
Here comes another weekend, time really FLIES like nobody's business.

The Birthday cake.

My 2nd Birthday cake, oh, it was just yesterday.
Thanks Chin Kiat for the cake all the way to school.
Altho it's much late, but still, the thoughts count!
*lovessss* you people.

I had my hair cut today, much layered compared to previous one.
Not really short, *prays* that I don't get check any soon till holiday.

Will be skipping school, AGAIN tomorrow.
I've been skipping like once every week since I DON'T KNOW WHEN.

Jayden, you better, hmmm, keep it at NO profile. *LOLS*

Kelv, I've booked your fucking ticket, you better fly NOW !
Or I declare you as a stranger!

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