Friday, June 19, 2009

I'll briefly talk about the overall trip.
I took most pictures @ Disneyland only.
The other time I was either busy buying or eating or *stares*.
Few days @ HK, stayed @ Jon's place & hotel.
Days in GuangZhou, stayed over @ dad's place.

When I first freaking met Jon over at the airport,
I couldn't even recognize him at all, afterall it's been years.
We got our own car & he brought his friends along. *hello*
The parents got their stuffs & we got our own plans.
They brought me to the shop where sells all the foods I've been craving,
like roasted goose, noodles, roasted pork & such things.
Then they brought me to Lan Kwai Fong for drinks, met more people.
Till then, his room were flooded with much of SHOES&ANIMES!
I love that panaromic view of Hong Kong from the house.

Next day, we went down to Disneyland, oh pretty hot much.
I suffered under the sun from 11am-6pm until sunset!!!
Imagine those outdoor walking & rides, I got burnt!
Bought lotsa stuffs over there, had much of snacks too!
The lighted up Disneyland was pretty, fireworks rock much!
Oh he brought me over for the train ride to the nearest station,
where we actually parked the car there, just to experience.
My very first time on train in HK, haha call me DUMB!
I messed up his wardrobe & the shoes, just to peek at everything.
Thanks for the surprise in the walk in wardrobe. :)
*daddy! I want my walk in wardrobe in new house!*
We had hardcore drinkings & party around the pool,
& something exciting for the midnight that made my night!

Pictures of Disneyland.
I've got more in Kelv's cam,
ain't gonna upload it all.

Before entering Disneyland.

The entrance.

After the entrance.

Hello Main Street.

Outside some pastry shop.

I love lockers, because they've got AIRCON!

It looks pretty but it was real SUNNY !!

I wonder how these people survive under the sun,
for HOURS??
No wonder they're so tanned!

I was grumpy over here, cause it was too hot.

Much of greens.

Thanks Jason for offering the ride on this.
Only us on the ride, you rock much!

Then, around noon, it was time for lunch!
I love it cause, they've got AIRCON, again.


Lunch @ here.

Honey&Lemon zest with peach

Soup of the day.
I like it much with the wild mushrooms in it.

Main course.
Grilled chicken with potatoes & asparagus.

American Cheesecake tasted real nice,
the cheese was to tempting.

Continued the outdoor journey.
There goes to be sweaty & hot again.

The ride under the hot sun.

I love indoor cause, AIRCON! HAHA

Hello Castle @ Wonderland.
That's Isaac & Wales.

By this time, I already felt to pissed,
& I wanted to leave already.

But, they managed to make me stay.

& I had to fucking smile for their camera.

Snow White & the 7 drawfs

Kelv's favourite Disney character.
So, he insisted I had to pose with it.

I was pissed lah!

It's been years,
since I last ride on a Merry Go Round.

Hello Small World.
(with aircon) :) HAHA

Too much of cute stuffs inside.

The ride on a boat thingy.

Then , just in time for the parade.
I love this,
because, they sprayed water!!!

Cute cute cute!


Toy Story, if I'm not mistaken?

Then, we q-ed for the SHOW.
Mickey Award show or somehow related lah.

Adventure land.
That's Tarzan's tree house.

The box thingy, where the baby was, I GUESS?

I love all greens.

The Disneyland.

After all the thing, includes the 3D show,
it was already evening by then.
The castle was slowly lighted up.

Shops lighted up as time moves on.

Like finally, I changed after a whole day sweating.

Blue don't looks nice on it, no?

I like this, idk why.

The street.

Me likey this with the lights.

Spot that shop, I did my shopping!

Curiosity shop, anyone?

Pretty, ain't it?

@ 8pm, it was the fireworks show.

just a few shots, mostly in Kelv's dslr.

Then, the train ride.
I don't know why I got so excited on a train. LOL

As a conclusion for Disneyland,
it might not be as big as those in USA,
but still, not too bad lah , just an experience.
& people there are just very friendly & helpful.
But the right time to visit is right before summer.
When the weather is at average temperature,
so you'll most likely enjoy the overall & not sweat.
At least, I made new friends like Jason,Carine,Gary.

So well, another day, I went over to WongKok for shopping.
Every shop with sales, how could you even resist !
I got perfumes,cosmetics,tees,jeans,shoes,bags bla bla bla.
Around the evening, we went to Tsim Tsa Tsui.
Dinner @ Shangri-La , with the evening view of HK, addictive.
Afterthat, uncle Winston brought me for a ride on a yacht.
The night view was so tempting & thanks for the fireworks?
Spent the whole night at Tsim Tsa Tsui , stayed @ Shangri-La.

Continued shopping @ Kowloon the next day.
Was suppose to head over to Macau but didn't made it.
I needed more of shopping, thats why. :)
I love the ToughJeansSmith there, it's way cheaper !
Kelven , Jon , Me got MAD by the road, laughing all the way.
Dinner @ Hilltop with 3 families then our drinking session, again.
We swam around 2am then got freezing cold after we got up.
I suggested that we barbeque marshmallows I bought,
then Kelv & Jon prepared the fire @ the pit, YAYS!

Before we headed down to GuangZhou, I've got my stuffs to get.
Over @ Causeway Bay & Ka Yip Street @ Chai Wan.
Got everything on list & OFF to GuangZhou.

I'll update about the GuangZhou soon.

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