Monday, June 22, 2009

A short update with lotsa food pictures @ GuangZhou.
Most of pictures are still with Kelv & Jon tho.

Okay, GuangZhou is somehow a nice city to visit.
Be it for shopping or foods, but when it comes to shopping,
as you people know, labels could be very exp compared to others,
all imported goods are just not worth to buy for that price.
I enjoyed shopping there @ most boutiques & different malls,
foods there were just perfect, that's why I love eating there.

Even the 7-11 sells Hello Kitty foods & sweets.

We had some SzeChuan cuisine tho.
This is pork stick, whereas we call it as satay la!

The sour fish soup.

Then the Dim Sum place.
It's famous in GuangZhou,
where both different sides of it, which the rich dudes & girls are.
* Dong Fang Xiao Jie, Xi Guan Shao Ye * (only if u know what i mean)
This restaurant we went was very cozy , with nice Kung Fu tea!

Roasted chicken wing.
Dad & uncle Sia & uncle Lam : why this?
Jon & Kelven : Daphne lor!
Daphne : okay me, cause I feel like eating, it looks nice!
Everyone : now , try!
Daphne : DONG GEH ( in canto )

Char Siew Sou. yummeh it is.

Xiao Long Bao.
I know it sounds unright to have it there instead of Shanghai,
who cares, they tempted me! GRRH.

Then, I don't understand why do they have the sort of vege inside.
I mean there's this weird smelled vege,
which people use to steam fishes, I don't know what is it called.
Anyways, the Chee Cheong Fun here is damn nice.
The sauce was much nicer than those here but not HK!

Ma Lai Ko.
HK one was yellowish, this is brownish.
Both different flavours but equally NICE!

Sesame ball with some custard thingy, not too bad.

* Teng Zai Chok* The boat porridge thingy.
During the olden days, where people sell porridge on this boat,
then they serve the customers on board nearby tho. :)

It's sorta weird, there's I don't know what inside,
along with peanuts, yau char kuai.......

Then I spent the afternoon @ a mall,
which happens to be the most exp mall in GuangZhou.
There were all sorts of labels there, too bad, price was killing.
Kelv, Me, Jon bought our Marc Jacobs tee, it was a gift from me!
I randomly thought of, why not buying the same tee to wear?
So yeah, I did bought & it's been long since I gave presents.

Later on @ night, dad brought us al for seafoods.
Guess what, you buy your own seafood @ the market,
then proceed to the restaurant over there,
they cook for you & charge an amount of money.
That wet market was then eeky cause it rained.
I got so excited over there seeing different creatures,
genius me wore SLIPPER to a wet market.
Kelv & Jon & my brother, LAUGH ALL YOU WANT!

The crabs were tiny, compared to Tambun ones!

MmmHmmm, crocodiles, baby ones tho.

The both pinky ones are called Stone Fish!
Then the brown one I don't know,
the green one's * Sou Miu * in canto, very yummehlicious.

Gosh LOOK @ THIS, all my babies!
The guy showed me the huge ones, which are all pregnant.
I pity these babies, they're gonna be in some stomachs of humans.

This is some eeky worms.
Way to eat? Stir fry with vege.
No I never bought any of these.

Some market scene. It was real busy over there.
They import & export all sorts of seafoods.


It was only around 7 but it's dark!

I see uncle Lam & Sia over here HAHA

I love this, I don't know why.

Random thing.

Bought this Canadian Geoduck @ RMB 170.
The one I usually have in Bali Hai was then 300+ each.

Okay, salmons, 3 huge *boats* for it.

@ Bali Hai, with one Geoduck, I get prolly a * boat * of this.
@ GuangZhou with one Geoduck, I get 5 *boats* of this.
All to be eaten RAW, yummeh!

I had a bite of this already.
It's fresh Abalone. Chewy but fresh.
Try the grilled ones, with lotsa sauce, similar with those in Japan.

Salmon bones & skin stir fry with vege.
It's actually a very good idea & tasted real good.

That green fish above!
Crunchy meat, this is what WE crave for.

Kelv & my brother ordered this weird stuffs.
Baked sweet potatoes with CHEESE

Then, the crab, it's steamed, I prefer baked!

Apart of it, I had 2 of it. Big eater I am!

I can eat in any ways I want, cause we had our private room.
I don't like when strangers are around when it comes to seafood.
It's always better with finger licking good, no?

The not so random face of me. AHHA

The riverside.

& the night before we left for home.
No more chinese foods.

Brother's mid finger was shown to JonL. *evil grins*

Kelv took this.

Thin crust pizza.

@ Papa Johns. superduperyummydelicious.

When I was doing the packing later at night,
with the help of Jon & Kelv & brother & dad,
I was laughing all the way, counted on stuffs I bought.
I brought only 1 luggage there, came back with 3 huge ones.
Dad has got zero luggage cause he had his clothes over there.
Everyone went on ranting about my buys,
still, I bought the most over @ HK. *blames JonL & Kelv*
I wonder why all the shops are on sales from 10%-70%?
SOMEONE TELL ME WHY! it's not even past season yet.
Thanks to the summer over there, I managed to buy & buy.
I lost in a bet with ALL the guys including dad & uncles.
Aunty Shereen knows me the best :)

The guys : Daphne, lets bet, you're gonna spend above budget.
Me: who says so, I told you people I wanna control my own budget!
Kelv: @ KLIA also you nearly got crazy over everything, how ?
Jon: Disneyland also you can buy so much, how can?
Dad: aiyah, I got 4 luggages here, can ship back also.
Me : *silents* okay, all over budget already, can or not?
JonL: I knew it. *suggests that we buy Birkens & Lacoste*
Me: SEE YOU TEMPTING ME, not that you never buy.
Kelv: Okay actually I am spending too much also.
Me: *shouts* SEE, DONT BLAME ME!

In the end, everyone overspent when said to budget.

Flew back to Penang from GuangZhou.
JonL & parents went back to Hong Kong,
Kelvin & parents & us came back to Penang.

*hello my new toy*
Kelv got me this outta some place/shops selling mickey,
when I was saying that I miss my baby pillow @ home.
I can't sleep w/o hugging any soft toys/small pillow.

& now, I miss Hong Kong very much.
Driving along the hill during wee hours, lazing on the bed,
jumping into the pool, barbeque, mahjong session, drinking session.
The time where we partied, and
I *accidentally knocked* JonL into the pool, and
KelvS *purposely pushed* me into the pool, and
I *accidentally sprayed water* towards Kelv with water gun,
too much more that I missed every now&then!

I've get to know wonderful people,
and hey peeps, next trip back is gonna be SOON.

School is getting real dull.

Jayden *kidnapped* me on Saturday after the dinner.
& he dumped me into a dark place :)
Thanks for everything, the surprise inside was PRICELESS.
The Krispy Kreme & the gifts from Europe.

I think I am all set for the go.
The happening life belongs to me, again

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