Monday, July 27, 2009

Been busy over the weekdays & end.
Chilled @ Josh's studio most of time, learned something, at least?

One of the day, before heading to the studio.

Chickens & noodles for our late lunch.

Trying out with the cams.
That's Mickey!
*spot* that KDU tie? LOL

So, I get to toy with this all the time.

Took truck loads of pictures and most is still in laptop.

Addictive much. The other cam.

& one of the day, in school after class for activity.
It's been super long since I last attended activities tho.
It's Junior Jaycees Farewell for the form 5's.
Not many attended =)

Low Khan & Kah Kheng.

Guys nowadays are vain!

School friends

The form 3's

I know what's going on!

& Yu Jie had to clean the floor due to clumsy-ness.

He was adding Mamee snack into the noodles. LOL

the Juniors

He posed and told me to take! LOL

Super model, someday perhaps?

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