Monday, July 6, 2009

The Weekend?
Queensbay with cousin sis, Charlene.
(I wasn't suppose to buy more)
Okay, great thing was I never planned to buy.
& I gave myself excuses to try on, only.
& after trying I told myself, one / two, no harm.
& slowly, I gave more excuses & I bought more.
Listen up *those you know who*,
I failed the bet with you people, I know what's next in HK.
Be prepared; Or fly away =( =)
I'll be having bbqcheesepies .
But not to forget mr Isaac, I shall sexpose you!

Dinner @ Kampachi, Equatorial Hotel.
Was too hungry, so I feasted much without pictures.
Dinner was with cousins & auntie+uncle.
Fav Jap buffet place =)
rm86, worth much.
I love the tepanyaki beef & chicken much!

Sashimi was the fav all night long!

Hello carved ice & sashimi.

Matcha & Red Bean cake.

Tira Tira miss u!

Peanut Butter & Red Bean pancake. slurps.

Shopping, again.
This time, I bought a bag.
& instead of buying, I had a hair cut, very random.
Changed my hairstyle, something new =)

Should I skip school for Australia?
In August,
but trial's in September.

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